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SweetDreams is a fun and powerful Jungian inspired Dream Interpretation App, with unique dream videos, illuminating dream interpretation examples, a serene chakra meditation for deep sleep and sweet dreams, an abundant section on dream psychology, a step-by-step guide for working with your dreams, dream sharing, articles, and more!

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SweetDreams - A Uniquely Personalized, Intuitive, and Educational Jungian Inspired Dream Interpretation App! WATCH THE OFFICIAL TRAILER HERE! With features such as highly entertaining videos, a serene goodnight chakra meditation, a powerful step-by-step guide for analyzing your own dreams, an abundant introduction to dream psychology, unique dream interpretation examples of some of our most popular dream themes, a dream article library, and dream sharing, this app is educational, inspiring, and entertaining! 

Anna-Karin Bjorklund, M.A. is a Swedish Dream Expert & Author in Southern California. She shares inspiring dream interpretations, dream research, powerful dream journeys and cultural explorations in her joyous seminars, writings and media appearances, and her passion for the majestic dream realms reverberates all around. She views dreams as occuring outside of time and space, and often integrates scientific philosophy and quantum physics in her inspiring seminars. 

Anna-Karin was one of the presenters at the annual conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Berkeley in June, 2014, where she spoke about "Dreams beyond Time". 

She travels the world extensively and has lived in over 5 countries. She holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, an M.A. in Parapsychic Science from AIHT, and a B.A. in Tourism Management from University of Technology, Sydney. Mesmerized by dreams all her life, her unique approach to dreams beautifully integrates Jungian psychology, intuitive sciences, science, and quantum physics, with traditions and teachings also from Australian Aborigines and Native American Indians. She explores our journeys in dream realms as powerful stories inside a majestic and multi-dimensional field connected outside of time, and looks at dream travel as an alchemical process of soul transformation. 

She is the author of Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire, and offers a range of Dream Guidance programs, Dream Seminars, Dream Expert Appearances and Professional Training Courses in Dream Analysis.  

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verified by Psychology Today

Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire! offers an abundant introduction to analytical Jungian dream psychology, while integrating other aspects of intuitive sciences and more mystical approaches to dream realms. Dream Guidance also has an enchanting section about popular dream themes and questions you can ask your dream to better determine why you're having it right now...and decode your own messages!


The importance does not lie in the amount of the achievement, but rather in being on the path itself...
Carl Jung

Dream Apps to help you remember you dreams?

Anna-Karin's approach to embracing lost dreams is to explore why they have gone undetected and forgotten in the first place...

Some new dream apps on the market could however be helpful along the way, if used correctly, and modestly... If you use an app that wakes you up every night you will likely suffer from sleep deprivation! Watch Anna-Karin's recent appearance on Fox News, talking about some of the benefits these apps may bring along. 

What do your Money Dreams mean?

 In the financial magazine Daily Worth, Anna-Karin shares how you can make the most out of your dreams! Did you win the lottery...? enlightened

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You had the audience captivated all night! You have an amazing ability of speaking direclty to each and everyone around you, and you touched everyone's heart with your beautiful dream interpretations. I have never before seen an audience so mesmerized by a subject! We can't wait to have you back!  

~ Venus Brown,  Whittier Public Library??

Dream Guidance is an excellent tool for those of us trying to understand our dreams!

~ Dr. Robert Puff Clinical Psychologist, Author & International Speaker

Anna-Karin does a wonderful job presenting dream psychology and beautifully conveyes the mystery, honor, excitement and passion of working with clients, dreamwork, and facilitating the unconscious! She is a gift to the world, and to the people who utilize her services!

~ Dr. Anne Swanson-Leadbetter, Core Faculty Counseling Psychology Argosy University

Your seminar truly helped me feel how there is just so much more to life than meets the eye. Thank you for helping me dream again!

~ Eric Diedrich, Dreamer

Thank you, again. My dreams are vivid and emotionally charged. Knowing I can book your services in the future is a relief! Your assessment was professional, insightful, compassionate and reassuring. You have exceeded every expectation. 

~ Sandy, D  

"Working with Anna-Karin is an invaluable journey, and has helped me with self-growth in all areas of my life: love, abundance, career, and spirituality. I’ve worked with other spiritual coaches in the past, and whereas they all provided me with helpful insights, I never really reached this level of epiphany, true inspiration, and fulfillment. Anna-Karin’s experience and understanding of anything from the most mystical journeys in dream-realms to emotional processing, mindful thinking, and even business strategy, is just incredible. Her global background in the corporate world enhanced with her deep understanding of dreams, spiritual growth, and mindfulness is a powerful combination! She is a diligent student of A Course in Miracles, Paramahansa Yogananada, Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce, and has truly inspired me to live my life fully! Working with Anna-Karin is a beautiful blend of life coaching, dream interpretation, spiritual growth, processing of emotions, and putting together successful action plans. It’s a Dream!"

~Dream Guidance Coaching Client, Laguna Beach, California




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